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cutt CT Justice of the Peace Galen Wells
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que es monolinguismo CT Justice of the Peace Galen Wells
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CT Justice of the Peace Galen Wells
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    bayonne police blotter Licensed To Perform Weddings
    Throughout Connecticut
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    Same-Sex Marriages Legal in the State of CT
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    Traditional Cermonies, or
    Design Your Own Vows
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    Get Married Tomorrow - or
    Next Year - No Waiting Period
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    short female military hairstyles pictures Advice on Licensing, Venues,
    Catering, Announcements, Etc.
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    More Information!
A Wedding Ceremony That’s Just Right For You...
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Every Couple is Different

I will be proud to help you design a wedding ceremony that is just right for you, whether you want a large ceremony or one for just the two of you. Each couple has their own vision of their wedding ceremony and I want to help you make that vision into a reality.

Everyone Deserves a Special Day
I am happy to work with young couples, older couples and same sex couples. The important thing is for us to talk and plan together so that the end result is exactly what you have envisioned. Your family members can be included in the ceremony and it should reflect your own heritage and point of view.
Advice on All Aspects of Marriage in CT
In Connecticut, there is no waiting period or requirement for blood tests before you can marry. You can plan your wedding well in advance or you can get your license, jump right in and get married the next day! I will be happy to book your wedding and rehearsal dinner a year or more in advance or to marry you the day you call.

Contact Me Today!
If you have questions about how to get a marriage license or anything else, I can help you. I will be delighted to talk to you and answer your questions.
Galen Wells, Justice of the Peace
(203) 866-9045 or (203) 515-7410
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